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Complex Parting Lines Mold

Product size: 269.5x93.9X50.5

Product material: PP-TV30

Mould cavity: 1x4 cav

Cycle time: 60s

Design cycle: 15 working days

Manufacturing cycle: 40 working days

Manufacturing date: 2015.07

Core inserts structure

Ensure good venting and high precision machining

Moldflow analysis - Pressure loss verification

The pressure at V/P switchover around 30MPa, the value is acceptable.

Moldflow analysis - Circuit coolant optimization and verification

The cooling analysis screen output contains the change in coolant temperature from coolant-into coolant-out If the increase is unacceptable (greater than2~3deg.c) 

Air trap analysis

Air trap as the spot shows, these areas must be well vented on the mold to prevent air trapping at the end of filling.

Process optimization and control

Online system inspection

Zero-Mold-Fitting processing