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Project supervision

A successful project development depends on successful project management. This includes ongoing management and monitoring project schedule on each process, full documentation of the whole process, beginning from mold fabrication and ending in preparation for production, fluent communication between internal and customer, and good control of manufacturing process.

Hongzhun appoints several experienced project managers to offer clients professional recommendations, management, technical strategy formulation and implementation, as a coordinator to supervise overall project from start to end.

Meanwhile, our project engineering team is capable to communicate in English without obstacle. For each new project, we set up full detailed schedule and critical control points in design, tool machining, mold testing and delivery, to ensure each project running smoothly and delivery in time.

Hongzhun builds molds strictly in accordance with the standards in the prints. Mold data and project information are well recorded and filed, which greatly guarantee our future track and after-sales service. 

In case any problems happen to the molds, we are ready to offer clients 100% support to solve them at the first time. Hongzhun is committed to supply High-Quality molds and Worry-Free service.