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Mold Manufacturing

Hongzhun design team by a number of talented designers and more than 20 years of experience manager in mold design field. We set up R&D center providing from product development, project management, technology support, various mold design and manufacturing, quality inspection and after sale service to global top companies. Our design team use CAD, CAE and CAM to assist design, CAD output 2D drawing and 3D image. CAE simulation is to ensure optimal manufacturing mode and then using CAM for computer imitation. Relying on advanced equipment and years experience, Hongzhun has built a diversified customer base.

Ealier stage focus

Hongzhun follow prevention-oriented philosophy before starting a new project; special review team consists of engineering department, manufacturing department, project department, quality control department and purchasing department adopts mold flow analysis, experience summary of similar projects and precaution potential problems of customers requirements, thereby to ensure the product quality effectively.

Quality control

Precision parts quality inspection

Components quality inspection

Technology and process standard applied in mould manufacturing is regulated for specific category and full covered data information with high-advanced software system process technology standardization system to release standardization of manufacturing process, mold metal materials and processing technology, mold design, CNC programming, EDM electrode drawing and programming, WEDM programming, deep drilling program, mold assembly, mold trial, packaging and other manufacturing processes management. With full process technology guide during manufacturing, therefore as to reduce repeat technology study and monitor the manufacturing process for shorter lead time, lower cost and higher quality to meet customer individual needs.