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Development orientation of China mould industry
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The global economy and technology are constantly evolving, and today in the developed countries, they have been turning to "re-industrialization", using artificial intelligence, robotics, digital production to create their competitive advantages. Besides, the technology of unmanned automation is becoming an inevitable trend. Meanwhile, most of Chinese mould manufacturers are still taking their competitive advantage from the price. Mould with new technology and standardization is essential for development.

The use of unmanned automation is becoming quite popular in many countries, especially in automotive, home appliances, mould manufacturing and other fields. The production lines in these areas are operated by robots, the staffs just play a supporting role.


The application of automation in manufacturing will speed up the process of standardization and provide higher quality products with higher standards. Customers need the delivery time shorter, the manufacturing process faster, but the accuracy increased and the price lower. To meet these requirements, Chinese mould manufacturers should have greater flexibility, enhance productivity and labor quality. Considering the long term, the only way for their growth  is automation! 

Plastic mould industry outlook

In manufacturing, especially in manufacturing equipment, parts for machinery, the mould has an important role. Manufacturers use moulds in production to be faster, more accurate and reduce production costs better.

In recent years, despite certain difficulties, butChinamould industry has developed quickly. Currently, the proportion of plastic moulds accounts for 30% of the entire mould industry, export proportion up to 50-70%. Besides, with the rapid development of manufacturing automotive, home appliances, electronics and other industries, this ratio still continues to rise.

As the growing number of complex plastic parts, design flexibility, the mould material, mould design standards as well as other production facilities have higher requirements. Yet, at present, the level of mould design and manufacturing of Chinese mould makers compared to other developed countries still has a certain gap, and to meet the needs of foreign customers, Chinese manufacturers need to implement three points:
1) strengthen research and development of injection moulding technology;
2) develop mould industrial parks to accelerate the integration of resources;
3) upgrade the result of Mould trial.
And fully automated moulding equipment is indispensable in today's manufacturing.